European Super League: The Reaction

The announcement of the European Super League shocked football. Worldwide, people took to social media to channel their frustrations, anger, and in some instances, praise.

Analysing social sentiment worldwide of the European Super League 12, we uncover how opinion of each team changed in just a few short hours…

View the full set of results below to find out.

Discover fan sentiment on Twitter towards each European Super League team in the week prior to the European Super League announcement, and the 24 hours following the announcement.

Discover the emotion of tweets towards each European Super League following the announcement of the competition.

Please note: emotion analysis is separate from sentiment analysis. Emotion analysis only applies to tweets that contain at least one clear emotion. Neutral posts have been excluded from the emotion analysis.

Club Posts Following Announcement Negative Pre-Announcement Negative Post-Announcement Rise in Negativity Anger Disgust Joy Sadness Surprise
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Data is sourced from Twitter and monitors the Twitter handles, nicknames and associated hashtags of the European Super League clubs. 

Data is based upon the dates 12-17 April, 2021 and 18-20 April, 2021.