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MI6 Finance report for agent 007

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MI6 Finance - Agent 007

Welcome to the financial report for MI6 agent James Bond. Total expenses between 2006 and present amounts to £30.4million. Please find Mr Bond’s expenses broken down by mission below.

Expenses are broken into two sections, with Government Issued expenses taken from the Government inventory and Expenses to be paid to agent Bond, including travel and alcohol expenses, as requested by the agent. Toggle between categories to view agent Bond’s full list of outgoings payable by MI6.

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Total price


Agent Bond’s Spectre mission in 2015 generated the largest expenditure at £13.5million with 2008’s Quantum of Solace mission generating £326,000 in outgoings, the least expensive mission in agent Bond’s previous five missions.

On average, agent Bond expenses £6.1million per mission, with £6.8million attributed to vehicles, £10million to gambling and £307,000 on travel and £13million on property.

A full list of expenses for 2021’s No Time To Die mission has yet to be submitted by agent Bond, with submissions so far subject to change*

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Agent Bond also raised $120million for MI6 during Casino Royale mission at the Casino Royale resort, Montenegro. This fee is at large, believed to have been embezzled by defected agent Lynd and delivered to crime organisation Quantum.

* Expenses from No Time To Die are based upon official trailers and official partnerships. With reshoots taking place ahead of the delayed premiere in October 2021, expenses will be adjusted accordingly.