Love Island Favourites

The summer viewing juggernaut that is Love Island is back for another year, with the new islanders jetting off to their luxurious Majorca villa in what is the first summer series for eighteen months.

It’s a social media phenomenon that trends like no other and below you can get an insight into their impact on social media, with our algorithmic analysis highlighting viewers’ feelings towards each of the islanders.

This is Love Island Favourites.

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Discover which contestants and couples are tweeted about the most positively and the emotional reactions are by those watching at home. Please note neutral posts have been excluded from the analysis.

Total contestant mentions

Discover which Islanders and Couples generate the most discussion online amongst viewers.


Data sourced from Twitter. Analysis included contestant names, variants on names, official hashtags (such as #LoveIsland) as well as official contestant Twitter handles and commonly associated keywords. E.g: Tommy #LoveIsland.

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