The Most Talked About Managers

They say football is a game of opinions and thanks to social media, fans can voice their opinion like never before. But which managers generate the most discussion online? Which managers have fans tweeting joy and which have fans hammering their keyboard in fits of blind rage?


The Most Talked About Managers brings terrace chat online and breaks down the social sentiment and emotion of the discussions to discover what fans really think about their man in the dugout.

View the full set of results below to find out.

Discover which managers generated the most discussion on Twitter and the positive and negative sentiment behind each discussion.

Discover which managers are tweeted about the most positively and negatively, as well as which managers elicit the strongest emotion from fans.

Please note: emotion analysis is separate from sentiment analysis. Emotion analysis only applies to tweets that contain at least one clear emotion. Neutral posts have been excluded from the emotion analysis.

Manager Club Total Posts Positive Negative Joy Sadness Disgust Anger
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Data sourced from Twitter and includes official club hashtags, social accounts (handles), unofficial hashtags, the name and colloquialisms of clubs, manager names, variants on manager names, club location (e.g.: Manchester) and keywords commonly associated with each club

Data is representative of September 11, 2020 to May 24, 2021.