Most Talked About Pundits

It's their job to talk about the players, but the fans love to talk about them. The Most Talked About Pundits explores the best loved pundits according to the fans.

Analysing social sentiment of the UK's leading football pundits, we give you a look into the pundits the fans love and respect, and those they want to put down the microphone with immediate effect. 

View the full set of results below to find out.

Discover the most discussed pundits on Twitter alongside the social sentiment towards them.

Uncover the emotions each pundit are evoking with a full breakdown below. Has Roy Keane got fans raging? Souness making you sorry?

Please note: emotion analysis is separate from sentiment analysis. Emotion analysis only applies to tweets that contain at least one clear emotion. Neutral posts have been excluded from the emotion analysis.

Pundit Total Posts Positive Negative Joy Sadness Anger Disgust Surprise
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Data is sourced from Twitter and monitors the names, Twitter handles and associated names of the top UK pundits. 

Data is based upon tweets posted between September 12, 2020 and May 12, 2021.