The Referee’s A…

From chants on the terraces to social media meltdowns, fans have plenty to say about referees.

From VAR to penalty decisions, and even the odd bit of praise, The Referee’s A… scours social media to uncover which of the Premier League’s men in black have been discussed by fans the most, and the sentiment towards them.

View the full set of results below to find out.

Discover which referees are being discussed the most across the 2020/21 season in the Premier League.

Are fans seeing red over a recent sending off? Perhaps that offside call was a stroke of genius? Uncover which referees elicit the strongest emotions from football fans in our sentiment and emotional analysis.

Please note: emotion analysis is separate from sentiment analysis. Emotion analysis only applies to tweets that contain at least one clear emotion. Neutral posts have been excluded from the emotion analysis.

Premier League Referees Games Red Cards Yellow Cards Total Posts Positive Negative Joy Sadness Anger Disgust Surprise
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Data sourced from Twitter and monitors the name of referees, associated names, hashtags and specific keywords.

Data is based upon the beginning of the 2020/21 Premier League season (12/09/2020) to April 27, 2021.