NBA Destined For Greatness

There have been many greats to have graced the NBA down the years, from Wilt Chamberlain to Michael Jordan, and LeBron James to the late, great Kobe Bryant. But which of today's stars are most likely to follow the same career trajectory?

NBA: Destined For Greatness charts the career paths of today’s most highly regarded players against the legends of the game to uncover those who really are destined to follow in their footsteps…

Stars v Legends: A Statistical Analysis

Is Steph Curry on the same pathway as MJ? Perhaps last year’s rookies have kicked off their careers in a similar manner to Magic Johnson?

Follow the career statistics of your selected players, with the colours within the chart corresponding with each star or legend.


Stars v Legends: The Honours Board

Were the greats picking up awards from their early years in college, or did they have to wait until their NBA years before they started to become the real MVPs?

Follow the trends and compare your selected players to uncover at what stage the legends picked up awards on their pathway to greatness, and which stars of today are on track to become the new Hall of Famers.

Each point within the chart represents a player and their corresponding colour from those selected.

NBA Champion
NBA Finals MVP
NBA All-Star
Defensive POTY
NBA All-Defensive Team
Rookie of the Year
All-Rookie First Team
NBA Scoring Champion
NBA Rebound Champion
NBA Assists Leader
NBA Steals Leader
College Rookie of the Year
NCAA Champion
National College Player of the Year
All-American First Team
College Conferenct POTY
NCAA Most Outstanding Player
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About NBA Destined For Greatness

NBA Destined For Greatness charts the career paths of 10 NBA legends against 15 of the most regarded stars of today at various stages of their careers.

The study uses statistics and honours from the first years of a player’s college career through to a legend’s retirement and the end of the 2019/20 season for those players still active.

Data was sourced from and the official NBA site.