Player Trade OffS

Transfers. Fans both love and dislike them in quite often equal measure. The anticipation that builds throughout the window leading up to Deadline Day can often be as dramatic as some of the action that we see on the pitch as clubs fight tooth and nail to land their number one targets.

But whilst supporters will their teams on to go and secure those signings that they desperately crave, other clubs often come knocking for key players which leaves managers and owners with big decisions to make.

Every good manager must manage their resources, keep their players happy and try upgrade their squad when given the opportunity to do so, as every transfer isn’t guaranteed to succeed. It’s all about scouting, weighing up finances and making a big decision as to whether to bring him in.

BetVictor Football’s Player Trade Offs analyses how Premier League clubs have dealt with replacing key players over the years. The data explores the financial aspects of transfers, providing in-depth insight into net spend, the money spent on replacements and how its impacted league performance, whilst also considering individual impacts from a select range of standout deals.

Transfer windows are an exciting time of the year and it can often display which clubs are the most prepared when it comes to landing key targets and replacing existing players. Delve into the data below and see which clubs dominate when it comes to flexing their financial muscles and replacing their key men.

Player Performance

Both buying and selling players can be seen as something of a gamble for managers, with the replacement never guaranteed to be a success in their new surroundings. Over the last six seasons there’s been plenty of big deals go through in the Premier League and below we’ve highlighted eight which really caught the eye for different reasons. Ranging from club record deals to shrewd loan additions, the Player Trade Offs tool provides insight into how each new recruit performed in comparison to the man they replaced, along with how their respective clubs fared.




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League Improvement?

Which Clubs Spend the Most On Replacements?

Over the last six seasons of the Premier League, we’ve seen big money spent as clubs bid to acquire some of the best talent from around the globe. But they’re also doing their best to retain their top assets as rival clubs try to lure them away.

Below, Player Trade Offs looks at five clubs from each of the last six seasons, considering the amount of money that each of them has received and spent on primary replacements. New signings are never guaranteed to be a success and they can come at a price, which the tool provides insight into by analysing league improvements along with difference in terms of money in, out and the cost per change.

Money Spent on Primary Replacements
Previous Finish
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League Improvement
Cost Per Change
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Premier League Net Spend

Football clubs are businesses, which means that keeping finances in order is an absolute must, especially with Financial Fair Play rules (FFP) to consider. The hallmark of a great club is getting performances on the pitch right along with producing a positive net spend off it, which is much easier said than done.

Below the Player Trade Offs tool analyses each Premier League clubs net spend from the last six seasons. This highlights which clubs are profiting the most from player sales and spending the most in a bid to strengthen their squads.

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