Core Payments Integration Tech Lead

Reports To: Director of Engineering
Department: IT
Location: Europe - Remote
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Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Design and development of scalable and robust web applications in a distributed microservice environment.
  • Provide architectural and design direction.
  • Control technical debt.
  • Keep the right balance of standardisation to support productivity.
  • Drive the technical direction and growth of the team.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry trends and developments.
  • Advocate for technology-specific roadmap items.
  • Keep the balance between a flexible architecture and the risk of over-engineering.
  • Assume technical responsibility, identify opportunities for system improvement.
  • Manage the technical quality of team’s deliverables. Ensure code review healthiness.
  • Ensure the team uses engineering best practices.
  • Drive development forward throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.
  • Evaluate feedback and institute changes as necessary to manage expectations.
  • Represent the technology perspective on new business initiatives.
  • Have a broader understanding of how your software fits into the overall system.
  • Keep improving yourself as a leader by learning with and from other leaders across the organization, and through your own self-directed learning.

Required skills:

  • Strong experience in software engineering.
  • Good foundations of design principles and architectural patterns to make effective design decisions.
  • Proficient in Java (preferably 11+)
  • Familiar with deployment using Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Good understanding of infrastructure, Cloud, and DevOps.
  • Experience with distributed systems and technologies.
  • Experience with the Spring Ecosystem (spring-boot, spring-data, spring-integration, spring security etc.)
  • Experienced with service-oriented architecture/web services (REST)
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Knowledge about application performance tuning and profiling.
  • Problem solver.
  • Passionate about delivering high quality secure, reliable, and high-performance software.

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