Reports To: Lead Creative
Department: Brand & Creative
Location: Gibraltar
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A BetVictor Creative possesses the character and skills to provoke and inspire positive changes to the Brand. They absorb influences and trends from within and out with the betting industry and transform this inspiration into stand out, attention-grabbing creative ideas.

They are an integral player in the Creative Department, their ideas, drive and application will earn them recognition and career progression.

At BetVictor we are committed to cultivating an atmosphere of unbound creativity. This means we focus on ideas first and we’re not afraid to fail. As a result, our Creatives find new ways to take our Brand forward. Do you recognise yourself in the above? If so, read on.


  • Believes in the meaning of “Definitive Article Branding” and understands how it can help get BetVictor noticed and chosen.
  • Demonstrates a good understanding of the creative challenge.
  • Seeks out and actively influences the creative team by keeping up with the latest trends (music, politics, culture, competitors) and demonstrating how this translates in creativity.
  • Can articulate thinking through visual and verbal language in a concise way.
  • Creates campaign able ideas across multiple touchpoints.
  • Brings the brand to life through a variety of brand assets.
  • Designs to a high aesthetic level.

Design Application

  • Understands how Brand First design can be used effectively across the media landscape.
  • Maintains awareness of innovation and how these can be leveraged in design.
  • Evaluates existing use of media and identifies development areas in communication.
  • Develops awareness and an understanding of how to bring concepts to life within different media and technical parameters.


  • Understands the roles of the wider creative team and utilises other team members appropriately to effectively to deliver timely solutions.
  • Understands and performs in own role within the wider team.
  • Collaborates with the team to approach the brief in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Actively offers ideas to other teams.


  • Able to articulate ideas both visually and verbally.
  • Listens actively and openly and responds well to feedback.
  • Offers honest and constructive feedback.

Brand Guardianship

  • Understands what the BetVictor brand stands for, its core values and what it strives to evoke.
  • Proactively looks for opportunities that might aid BetVictor’s long-term health.
  • Demonstrates design knowledge, expertise and relevant provocation to brand and marketing teams in line with the BetVictor brand.
  • Develops a design partnership mentality with marketing and brand teams to build trust and long-term relationships.


  • Inspires self and others to take personal responsibility for own work and personal development.
  • Displays integrity, honesty, reliability, responsiveness and openness to be trusted by colleagues from all departments.
  • Acts as a source of inspiration internally which can ultimately translate to additional work and satisfaction.

You Will Be

  • Able to multi-task, working on several different projects at a time.
  • Designing digital material for different markets.
  • Fluent in Adobe CC products, specifically Photoshop and Illustrator. Video skills a bonus.
  • Able to work in a team, coordinating, giving creative feedback to agency partners where necessary.
  • Possessing strong photo manipulation skills.
  • Able to create rich media ads and explore new ad formats.
  • Ideally have experience in the Gaming industry.
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment.

Relocation Package:

BetVictor will take care of all your relocation requirements including booking flights, organising airport transfers, paying for movement of additional belongings and providing rental assistance for the first three months.

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    BetVictor is an equal opportunity employer.