Web Software Engineer – Automation Test

Reports To: Head of Web Development
Department: Information Technology
Location: Gibraltar/Hungary
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Purpose of the role:

As a Software Engineer in Automation Test you are a first-class citizen on the development team and part of the ‘whole team’ supporting customers, business stakeholders, developers and other team members.  Your focus is on writing and executing automated tests to support the team goals, providing safety nets to the team every time a change is pushed across environments.

You look at the big picture and provide a balance against developer focus on technical implementation.

Your test tasks and stories are planned and executed like development tasks and stories, and you automate tests that can be reused on every change. You are generally a thoughtful, analytical problem-solver that can add a unique perspective to the team in terms of identifying potential roadblocks and dependencies early in the process.

You are independent and inventive, you communicate and collaborate effectively, and have a hunger to learn, share knowledge, and thrive in an energizing environment.

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

You will be responsible for testing the web site of the company in all the different variants and locales, focusing on the end user experience and not so much on APIs. Daily routines include writing, extending, maintaining and running automated tests. You will work on improving a test suit and a platform that you and other teams could use to extend their test coverage when building new features for the web site. You’re quick to perform impact assessment on proposed changes to ensure that all dependencies, issues and risk have been correctly identified and are proactively monitored and managed.

Person Specification, Skills, Experience & Qualifications:

  • Strong and proven experience with testing frameworks such as Cypress
  • Experienced with JavaScript programming language
  • Proven experience with Git
  • Solid at writing and maintaining automated integration and UI tests
  • Ability to work with DevOps and other engineers to help improve, run, and maintain automated tests via integrated CI CD pipelines
  • Demonstrated experience of applying and understanding software testing fundamentals
  • Be adaptable to changing product specifications, priorities, and schedules
  • A good communicator – you communicate enthusiastically, clearly and concisely with both technical and non-technical staff.
  • A keen learner – you are up-to-date and capable of keeping the pace with the latest trends and technologies.
  • You are hands on, passionate, persistent, creative, and humble. You get things done.

Relocation Package:

BetVictor will take care of all your relocation requirements including booking flights, organising airport transfers, paying for movement of additional belongings and providing rental assistance for the first three months.

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    BetVictor is an equal opportunity employer.