Just a few months ago, you would’ve laughed at the idea.

Most Borussia Dortmund fans were rubbing their eyes in disbelief when record-breaking athlete and household name Usain Bolt donned football boots instead of running shoes and joined the German side for a training session.

But after his short, two-day stint with ‘BVB’ went pretty well, the Jamaican joining a football club may not be as big of a Bolt from the blue as we thought previously.

It’s such a serious prospect that we’ve actually priced the market up.

Bolt is set to return to Dortmund for an extended three-week trial imminently, and as a result, the market leader is ‘Any German Club’ at 13/8.

Bolt isn’t just a supreme athlete, but he’s also a massive personality and as a signing for any football team, would be a massive marketing flip.

Imagine this: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Usain Bolt in the same team.

It’s something that would have the PR gurus over at MLS HQ drooling.

Bolt has made no secrets over his love for America – after all, the first three letter of his first name spell out U-S-A – so perhaps this is a move that’s written in the stars?

Just this week, the athlete has been spotted at the Commonwealth Games spending time with renowned US actor Chris Hemsworth.

We make it for Bolt’s first football club to be one in MLS.

In terms of his personal preference, Bolt has on many occasions discussed his love for Manchester United.

The vice-chairman of the Red Devils, Ed Woodward, absolutely loves a big-name signing – look no further than Zlatan, Falcao and Di Maria for evidence of this.

In that sense, this seems like a move that would be a dream come true for both parties – and we make it for Bolt to join any club in England.

Or what about Bolt racing down the wing in one of the most fiercely contested matches in club football – the Old Firm Derby?

We are about the runner joining a Scottish club – what a sight to behold that would be…

Odds are correct at the time of posting

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