We’re a mere 17 days from the start of the football season, and yet, the potential €222 million transfer of Neymar to PSG is struggling to hit the headlines because of the exploits of a handful of perma-tanned Brits in a holiday villa somewhere near Magaluf.
(I’m willing to wager that this is almost exactly as classy as it sounds.) But – not being one to miss out on a betting opportunity, here is my girlfriend’s my view on Love Island 2017 betting.

Top Couple

The names banded around the office are Marcel & Gabby. From what I can ascertain, Gabby’s feelings for Marcel have been called into question over the past few days after the general consensus on social media is that she’s got the world hoodwinked, and is merely ‘playing a game’. On a gameshow. (Bruce Forsyth would turn in his grave.)

Gabby responded by saying that she ‘deserves an Oscar’ if she’s ‘faking it.’ Which I can only imagine will take pride of place on the pairs future mantelpiece as the only award either have ever won. EDIT: Blazin’ Squads first two albums were both certified gold in the UK!? I take it that was a slow year.

I digress. But, in the interest of throwing up a bit of value here, apparently the real story lies in the bromance blossoming between Chris & Kem. We love a bromance. Turk & JD, Jay-Z & Kanye, Bert & Ernie… And, in a world where I’m referencing Sesame Street in a betting blog about a reality TV show that I’ve never watched- would this show being won by a non-couple really be the craziest thing that could happen?

Her My Tip: Any Other Couple @ a princely 25/1

…Back in the real world, Neymar @ Even Money to start learning French for a move to PSG doesn’t seem like a bad shout either though. Over 50/1 the double. Lovely stuff.https://www.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football-specials/coupons/982100/58041110/0/43738/0/PE/0/0/0/0/0?display_extended=

Written by:  Michael, BetVictor’s Resident Entertainment Blogger
Odds are correct at the time of posting

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