In the greatest triumph for Gingers since Ron Weasley convincing Hermione to ditch ‘The Boy Who Lived’ for a chap who kept a pet rat in his pocket, this morning saw everyone’s other favourite redhead, Prince Harry, announce his engagement to my long-suffering ex-girlfriend Meghan Markle. (Not everything in this blog is true. Ron often used to keep Scabbers in his suitcase as far as I remember).

This of course throws up some important issues for the Great British public. When’s the first baby due? Will it be ginger? Is her ex-husband Trevor invited? When’s the wedding? Or – more precisely, when do we get our extra bank holiday? Long live the monarchy.

It’s only right that we jump on the bandwagon by offering our customers a plethora of betting opportunities, so that you too can profit from Harry and Meg’s big day – and here’s my thoughts for a bit of value in the Royal Wedding betting.

The Royal Wedding Best Man

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Prince William is a pick. But, at about 1/200, I’m sure with a little bit of work, we can find something more suitable. And what do you really need from a best man? A good speech – think Hugh Grant in Four Weddings. A good stag do – think the chaps from the Hangover, and someone who is going to keep his hands off of your Mrs. And preferably her bridesmaids too. For this reason, and for me, it has to be Elton John. His parties are legendary, he’s good on a stage, knows the family, and chances are he’s going to keep his hands to himself. Absolute value at

Elton John - Royal Wedding

Location of the Royal Wedding Stag Do

I’m hearing reports that Wetherspoons in Woolwich (aptly named ‘The Great Harry’) have already thrown their hat into the ring. But, let’s be honest – our Prince deserves something with a little more gravitas. You need somewhere with a water park. And plenty of bars. And, where better than the home of a thousand budget stag do’s of yesteryear. Butlins in Skeggy. In at , get it while it lasts.

Location of the Royal Wedding

They’ve broken some serious boundaries between them (she’s American, a Divorcee etc), but it has to be a classy affair on the day. The royal family have already announced that it will be a spring/summer wedding, and in this age of frugality, they might want to save themselves a few sheckles by heading somewhere with a ready-made crowd. And, what do we know that happens in the Summer? Focal point of the year? Best atmosphere in Britain? Why, it seems almost foolish of them to not turn up at Royal Ascot on the fly, come Diamond Jubilee Stakes morning. Besides, we know Queen Lizzie will already be there cheering on her stable, lump on this sure thing, you heard it here first.

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Attendees

Here’s your chance to find your own little bit of value – who gets an invite to the big day? Will the ‘Suits’ co-stars be out in force? Will Harry’s favourite uncle James () sneak onto the guestlist? Plenty of value to be had here, surely – Even Wayne Rooney () makes the betting (no offers on who he brings as his +1 by then though, bad lad). Donald Trump is in there at as well – seems a “yuge” price for a head of state.

Who says the Royal Family are outdated and irrelevant?

Odds are correct at the time of posting

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