The world of esports is one of fine margins, and even finer reactions. Beyond the headsets, monitors, and energy drinks, how much comes down to skill and raw talent?

To find out, BetVictor has created a reaction benchmarking game to compare your reactions with gamers from all over the web.

What kind of reactions do pro gamers have?

When playing an FPS (First Person Shooter) or similar game at home, your everyday gamer will have a reaction time somewhere between 300-500ms, while pros will rank between 100-250ms¹. According to Nvidia, the most talented of all will boast times of 150ms and under.

It is worth noting that a computer or console will add 10-50ms on top, while some TV set ups cause latency of up to 150ms again². Without competitive latency, you might already be 1/5th of a second (0.2s) off the pace. Slow enough that you will routinely end up in the gulag.

To see how you compare to the pros, and your peers, hit the targets below as fast as you can.

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How do you compare to other gamers?

Here you can see how your times compare against the those who have attempted. The first graph shows how your time ranks versus all participants, while the second compares how many targets you managed to hit versus all participants.

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Results may vary due on latency cause by monitors, input equipment and browser compatibility. Results should be treated as a guide and are for entertainment purposes only.