Everyone is Guaranteed a Bet on UK and Irish Horseracing

As of today, when placing a single bet as normal, customers will be presented with the option of selecting Guaranteed Bet, a new market which will give customers the chance to win up to £500 on the ‘win’ part of a single bet. The market will appear alongside existing ‘extra markets’ on any race.

Guaranteed Bet is only available on ‘win’ and ‘each way’ single bets only from 11am on the day of the race until the race starts. Thus, a £50 ‘each way’ bet on a horse at 10/1 would qualify.

Both ‘First Past the Post’ and ‘Official Result’ will be paid on the market, however, BetVictor horseracing initiatives such as Best Odds Guaranteed, Run for Your Money and additional ‘each way’ place terms will not apply to Guaranteed Bet.

Guaranteed Bet comes following discussions with the Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF). As a business with a strong and proud horseracing heritage, BetVictor strives to be best-in-breed to ensure all horseracing bettors are given a fairer and better service.

Guaranteed Bet

BetVictor Director of Sportsbook, Matt Scarrott, said: “We are pleased to launch Guaranteed Bet, which once again shows our commitment to giving horseracing bettors the best possible value.

“We entered dialogue with the Horseracing Bettors Forum earlier this year and this project is something we have been keen to implement for a while. We believe our guarantee to include ‘each way’ bets and all race classes makes it a leading industry initiative.”

“Once we have trialled Guaranteed Bet for a short time, our plan is to review it with the intention of increasing limits and extending the timescales going forward.” said Scarrott.

HBF Chairman Matt Bisogno commented: “HBF welcomes the news that BetVictor has introduced a Guaranteed Bet provision. For the first time with a major operator, punters will be able to back any horse to win a minimum of £500 regardless of the class of race. Having discussed a number of issues with the team at BetVictor earlier in the year, HBF was heartened by their commitment to a fairer betting environment. Of course, actions speak louder than words, and today’s announcement is an extremely positive step forward for British and Irish racing bettors as well as a palpable demonstration of BetVictor’s commitment.”

“HBF believes the Guaranteed Bet provision represents a forward-thinking approach, and we further hope it encourages other operators to enhance their offering to horseracing bettors.” Added Bisogno.

Guaranteed Bet is also available to customers that have previously held BetVictor accounts (subject to evaluation). For more information, please contact help@betvictor.com.


Guaranteed Bet FAQs


If I have had my account previously closed (or No Sportsbooked) can I bet on the market? 

In theory yes, but we need to verify accounts looking to be re-activated for use on this account, please email to help@betvictor.com with your details and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Can I place a bet on the Guaranteed bet market and another bet on the “outright” market?

Yes there is nothing to stop you doing this, however we reserve the right to limit any additional stake requested.


Do I get Best Odds Guaranteed on this market?

No the market had only one concession which is First Past The Post and Official Result will be paid. No other concessions are applicable to this market.


Why does this market open at 11am and not before?

We believe that the market is mature enough at 11am daily for us to offer the market, we may, in future, look to launch the market earlier.


Is this available on all races?

The market will apply to all UK and Irish horse races from 11am daily. It is not available on other racing at this time


£500 is not much will it be increased?

We plan to trial the market for a period and then decide if we can increase this amount, but currently will remain at £500


*Odds were correct at time of publishing the article
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