BetVictor would like you to enjoy your gambling experience. We recognise the need for a responsible attitude towards gambling and we are committed to promoting and ensuring safer gambling.

Our new Safer Gambling Portal is the latest step in our ongoing commitment. As our customer, you will have control of seven different tools designed to improve your ability to modify your account settings as you see appropriate, as well as access to a Problem Checklist and information on support services.

This is our guide to the seven tools.

1. Profit & Loss

Check your BetVictor stats on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and lifetime basis.

How does it work?

  • Check how much you’re up or down within a certain time period, from the last 3 days up to the entire history of your account.
  • Profit & Loss combines figures from every product. If you won £50 on Casino but lost £50 on Sports in the same week, your Profit & Loss for that week will show as £0.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on how much you’ve been winning and losing. You can do this easily by checking the Profit & Loss section of your account.

You can also find both your bet and banking history at the bottom of your My Account page.

We recommend that you check this section on a regular basis. It’s nice to be reminded of your winners, but it’s even more important that you’re aware of how much it’s costing if you hit a bad run.

2. Deposit Limits

Keep control of your spending by setting yourself daily, weekly or monthly Deposit Limits.

How does it work?

  • Set deposit limits to apply on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Deposits are calculated daily (00h to the next 00h UK Time), weekly (Monday 00h to the next Monday 00h UK Time) or monthly (1st of the month 00h to 1st of the following month 00h UK Time).
  • Set limits when depositing in your account.
  • Deposit Limits are applied to your individual account number.

Some players choose to manage their gambling by limiting the amount they can deposit into their BetVictor account within a specified time frame. Limits are applied to your individual account number, not to a specific payment method.

If you want to reduce your Deposit Limits, this can be done at any time and takes effect immediately. An increase in Deposit Limits is subject to a 24 hour waiting period, and we will ask you to re-confirm you’re happy with the increased limit once 24 hours has passed.

Setting Deposit Limits is a simple and effective tool which provides you with another safeguard to make sure you remain in control of your gambling.

3. Casino Session Time Alerts

Set alerts in the Casino & Live Casino to remind you how long you’ve been playing in any session.

How does it work?

  • Set alerts to pop up and remind you how long you’ve been playing in any Casino session.
  • Set time alerts from 30m, 1h, 1h 30m, 2h.

It can be easy to lose track of time when you’re playing online. Casino Session Time Alerts (also known as reality checks) are another tool you have at your disposal to help you maintain a responsible approach to your gambling.

Casino Session Time Alerts require positive action from you before you can continue playing. You will also have the opportunity to change your settings, review your account transactions or exit the game.

If you decide to continue playing a game after a Casino Session Time Alert has been acknowledged, the next time the banner is displayed the accumulative amount of time played will be shown.

4. Product Restriction

Remove your ability to place bets on specific products including Sports, Casino & Virtual Sports.

How does it work?

  • If you would like to block access to Sports, Virtual Sports or Casino, please contact us via live chat or email

Some customers find that they’re able to bet responsibly on one product, but find it harder to do so on another.

Facilities like Deposit Limits and Casino Session Time Alerts can help you to stay in control more easily, but another option you can choose is to block access to certain products entirely.

Please be aware that this block is on an account level.

5. Time Out

Take a break from gambling by setting yourself a Time Out period, up to a maximum of six weeks.

How does it work?

  • Request a voluntary, temporary freeze on your gambling activity by contacting us via live chat or at

Even if you feel in control of your gambling, taking a break every now and then can be a good idea.

A Time Out period (a maximum of 6 weeks) is set and controlled by you. During this time we stop contacting you with marketing offers and we won’t re-open your account until your Time Out period is complete.

Another way of taking some time away from online gambling is to put a ‘blocker’ on your device; two effective blockers are Gamblock ( and Betfilter ( which you can use on both desktop and mobile.

A Time Out may not be the most appropriate action if you think you have a serious gambling problem. If this is the case, then you should consider Self-Exclusion.

6. Self-Exclusion

If you are concerned about your gambling, please use the Self-Exclusion form or speak to us at any time.

How does it work?

  • Self-Exclude yourself from playing at BetVictor from between 6 months and 5 years.
  • Please choose any of the four time periods above, enter your password and confirm. You can also request self-exclusion via live chat or by emailing
  • Telephone confirmation from you is required to re-open your account at the end of your exclusion period, subject to a 24-hour delay for you to reconsider.

Self-Exclusion is for customers who would like help to prevent them from gambling. It’s designed to allow players to close accounts for an extended period of time, and receive our support to prevent any bets being placed during the designated time period.

Customers who make use of our Self-Exclusion will have their account closed and BetVictor will make every effort to prevent new accounts being opened by that customer for a minimum period of 6 months.

Any customer wishing to be prevented from using his/her account should always use the Self-Exclusion facility as accounts closed through other means may be re-opened at the discretion of BetVictor.

Self-Exclusion is an aid to help you stop gambling, but to be effective it requires a commitment on your part not to try and get around the restrictions it puts in place, for example opening a new account.

 Self-Exclusion will not affect transactions (including deposits, withdrawals, bets and transfers) made prior to the Self-Exclusion. Once an account is closed for Self-Exclusion, ‘cash out’ will not be available.

Gambling Support

Several support services including GAMSTOP and Gamcare can help you stay in control of your gambling. 

There are numerous organisations which offer help to anyone who feels they need support with maintaining a responsible approach to gambling. 

We recommend that you take some time to have a look at what services these organisations provide and how they can benefit you. Information and contact details for each are included above. 

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