One thing that became incredibly apparent when I stopped gambling was how much time I now had at my disposal. Something very important when deciding that you want to stop gambling is making sure you fill the time with constructive activities.

Speaking from experience, I lost interest in all aspects of life outside gambling. My day, week and world revolved around it and I therefore had to change my lifestyle.

If you feel that gambling is taking over your life then now is the time to make the change. Use the information provided within the previous blog around support services but spend some time thinking about what you enjoy doing, and do it.

A popular choice is to join the gym. Not only does this improve your physical health but it provides you with an escape from gambling whilst in session and improves your mental well-being.

Join a running club, a local sports team, read a book, offer to participate in volunteer work, spend time with family and friends or catch up on some work if you’ve fallen behind. The list is endless.

All of these activities, which were once portrayed as chores, will improve your mind-set and benefit your wellbeing.

You’ll no doubt experience the urge to return to gambling but if you really feel that going back will cause you more harm, just think about all the productive things you can do with your life instead.

Gambling was like a second job for me and I didn’t have any ambition to better myself as a person. I’d much prefer to spend my time stuck to a Roulette machine than being active, spending time with my family or finding out what I wanted out of my life.

Since entering recovery and abstaining from gambling, it has been challenging to fill the void but here I am today writing this in the hope it may help or resonate with someone else who is in the position I was in 3 years ago.

In the final blog, I’ll expand a bit more on how my life has changed since stopping gambling and what positive changes have occurred in contrast to the devastation I was causing previously.

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