Ask yourself the following questions:

After losing, do you feel you must return as soon as possible and win back your losses?

When I lost money I would be adamant I had a system to get that money back and win more. That rarely materialised.

I don’t like losing, whether that is a game of football or hide and seek with my nephew! Chasing losses is one of the most dangerous aspects of gambling and can lead to losing money you can’t afford to.

Are you instantly depositing more money into your online account after a loss? Are you making several trips to and from the cash machine whilst in the bookies? If so, this is the kind of behaviour that isn’t of a typical responsible punter.

Do you ever borrow to finance your gambling?

This is another typical scenario a problem gambler finds themselves in. I certainly did and got to a point where I owed money to over 20 different lenders.

When my monthly salary was deposited from my employee, the vast majority would be taken by payday lenders. I found myself in a vicious cycle that I couldn’t find a way out of. If you are funding your gambling from borrowed money this, once again, can be an issue.

Does gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?

To put this into context, I would lose sleep from either staying up in the early hours gambling, setting my alarm for 4am to get a good few hours of gambling in before work or not being able to sleep as my brain was in pure overload due to the worry and depression I was experiencing as a result of my losses.

Do you often gamble until your last pound is gone?

For many years I would justify to myself that I didn’t have a problem as I’d always manage to make it to my next payday, even though I always gambled until my bank account was empty.

Having no money for three weeks of the month isn’t responsible nor is using money for food, rent and bills to gamble with.

If you can relate to any of the above then please do know that there is help available. Support is out there if you feel you are inflicting gambling-related harm upon yourself and/or your loved ones which I share in more detail in this blog.

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