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We’re all square after four. Ahead of the NBA Finals Game 5, Mark Ross is here to look at the state of play heading back to the Bay.

TD Garden hosted its first NBA Finals match since 2010 in Game 3 of this series and the Celtics certainly made it count taking a 2-1 series lead. Game 4 was a different matter. It was the closest game of the series until late on in the fourth quarter. Steph Curry recorded his second-most points in a finals series ever with 43 as he led his Warriors to a 107-97 victory. Golden State head back to San Francisco as the new favourites for the series. They are now at 8/13 to win the whole thing compared to Boston at 5/4.

After the first quarter, it was clear to see that Golden State was going to live or die with the three-point shot. They missed their first five and found themselves down in the game before making four of the next five and stretching out to a five-point lead. Golden States’ ability to turn a game on its head with the three-point shot is incredible and will keep them in every game. For Boston, Robert Williams continues to be a threat all over the court. His strength in the paint is unstoppable and he is a rebounding machine who had the Celtics leading early.

Appropriately, DMX’s X Going Give It To You came on in the second quarter seconds after Jordan Poole made another three for the Warriors. Rather fitting with the way that the Warriors can just flip a switch and give it to you from anywhere beyond the arc. Unfortunately, the rest of the second quarter didn’t have many three-pointers for Golden State. Curry and company couldn’t get it going from deep, as they only made seven of their first 24 from beyond the arc, but some solid defensive play managed to keep the score close at the half.

Golden State has dominated the third quarter since time began it seems but they couldn’t get going in this one until late on. Boston stepped up defensively and made some tough shots of their own to keep their lead deep into the quarter. Steph Curry was doing all he could to get the Warriors going as he made ridiculous three after ridiculous three. Some of which should have been four-point plays but the refs weren’t keen on giving the Warrior’s star man any shots from the free-throw line. Steph Curry finished the quarter with 33 points as he led his team to a one-point lead going into the fourth.

Golden State turned it in the fourth and went in a 7-0 run at one point to build a lead. When Steph Curry gets the ball outside the arc it’s like looking at the eighth wonder of the world. It does not matter who is defending him or how close they are, if Golden State needs him to make a shot he will make the shot. He turned it up a notch in the fourth as he made sure that the Warrior’s record of winning at least one road game in a playoff series would extend to 27 series.

Now for Game 5. Steph Curry has dominated throughout the series and will no doubt do it again at home. That’s a given. What the Warriors need is for the rest of the team to step up. Draymond Green has to improve and after two tough nights in Boston, he will be relishing the chance to get back home.

Both these teams have shown throughout the series that they can bounce back after a big loss. Boson will need to do that in Game 5 to make a statement. To get Boston winning the first half and the second half is currently 17/10. The Celtics have been the best team in the series, but the Warriors have had the best player in Curry. They need to find a way to contain him if they are going to have a chance.

Andrew Wiggins had a big game in Game 4 and continued his excellent Finals series. If he continues his great form this should be easy in front of the Californian fans. Jayson Tatum did what he could in Game 4 but it wasn’t enough. If Boston is to win he needs to find that Championship Winning, leading man role that the Steph Currys, Lebron James, and Michael Jordans of this world have all done throughout the years. It would be a big game for the young star but needed to quieten down the San Francisco fans.

Game 5 is shaping up to be another quality matchup and if history has anything to say, the winner will go on to win the whole series.

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