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February 25th, Diriyah Arena, Saudi Arabia.

Will it be third time lucky for ‘The Truth’?

The Problem Child and TNT are finally ready to squash their beef.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury (brother of Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury) had twice previously reached agreements to fight, with the latter pulling out of the first fight at late notice due to injury concerns. Jake, eager to make use of his training camp, instead rematched and knocked out Tyron Woodley in emphatic fashion in the sixth round of the fight. The two of them had signed to fight again in New York (2022), but visa complications for Tommy Fury put a stop to this one.

Now the stage has been set again. It’s time for the noise behind these two fighters to echo around the Diriyah Arena.

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Their boxing stories so far

Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KO’s) has yet to face a professional boxer, whilst Tommy Fury (8-0, 4 KO’s) has had more ‘coupling up ceremonies’ in Love Island than boxing matches.

Tommy Fury’s boxing career has been sporadic to say the least, with only eight fights across four years. When this is coupled with Jake Paul’s impressive recent performances, it becomes clear why the odds for the win might be closer than one would expect. YouTube Star surprisingly comes into this fight as the slight favourite, which must hurt Tommy Fury’s ego. Afterall, Boxing is his career, whereas it seems to be more of a side-quest for Jake paul.

Paul may have started out as a YouTube sensation, later transforming into a Disney star through his appearances on the show Bizaardvark, but he has without a doubt taken the boxing world by storm (whether you like it or not). His commitment to his newfound passion is undeniable.

Despite putting in some gutsy performances, the clamouring surrounding Paul’s boxing career centres on him only fighting antique boxers or MMA stars. After his fight with a 48-year-old Anderson Silva, Eddie Hearn came out and said that “he’s not fought any real boxers yet”. He recently added fuel to the fire claiming that ‘Jake Paul is levels above any fighter Tommy Fury has ever boxed’. Whilst it’s impossible to know what Hearn genuinely thinks of Paul as a fighter, it’s clear to see that he thinks very little of Tommy’s boxing ability.

Whilst many have coined this a ‘no-win’ fight for Tommy Fury, Jake Paul knows that a win against a professional boxer will finally legitimise his place in the boxing world.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s rematch clause provides him with the opportunity be as gung-ho in this bout as he wants, and that’s exactly what we think he will do. Tommy doesn’t contractually have the luxury of doing this. Jake Paul was built for moments like these; he loves being the maverick that’s in the limelight.

When that’s combined with his size and aggression, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see him win by KO/TKO in round 1-6.

Tommy Fury

Despite Tommy Fury’s talk about putting Jake Paul to sleep, we think he will take a more conservative approach, covering himself from Paul’s aggressiveness. Chipping away at Paul with jabs is his best way to take home the victor to England. As a result, if Tommy Fury is to win in Saudi Arabia, it will most likely be on points or decision.

Tyson Fury publicly said that Tommy will have to change his surname if he doesn’t win. No pressure.

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