Add a touch of Vegas glamour to your gameplay with the retro-inspired, promisingly titled ‘The Big Win Spin’ – exclusive to players at BetVictor Casino.

Out now: The Big Win Spin – BetVictor Exclusive

It turns out they do make them like they used to, after all.

The Big Win Spin online slot game might have been released in 2021, but it oozes a familiar, retro charm thanks to its glittering backdrop, traditional icons, and classic arcade sound effects.

We’re treated to 15 fixed lines and 5 reels of old-school spins, but there’s more to it than the promise of a trip down memory lane. Why else would they call it ‘The Big Win Spin’? It’s because this feature is what the game is really all about, and it’s what makes it a modern-classic, rather than a tired reboot.

To trigger it, you’ll need to land three Big Win symbols. From here you just spin the wheel to see how many spaces you get to move each turn, picking up Multiplier prizes as you progress. Land on a mystery square (?) to get an additional random multiplier, which you’ll be able to collect if you land on a purple square on the next spin. The aptly named ‘Collect’ square collects your winnings and ends the feature.

You can also play up to 9 Free Spins if you land enough Free Spin symbols. Sound good?

Before you get started with our latest BetVictor exclusive, it’s a good idea to check your deposit limits and reality check alerts. The game might be called ‘The Big Win Spin’ – but that definitely isn’t a guarantee!

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