Welcome to a unique and exclusive view from the Paddock areas of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship Grand Prix. Hosted by Peter Windsor, an award-winning journalist and former F1 Championship-winning Team Manager, this series of videos captures the atmosphere at the heart of F1 through the eyes of an expert who has spent decades working with the best in the industry – from Nigel Mansell and Sir Frank Williams to the Ferrari team and its classiest drivers.

Peter begins each of his F1 Paddock sets with an overview of the weekend ahead – and a quick nod to the titans who made the sport what it is today – before capturing the moods and the details of the weekend from angles rarely seen on broadcast TV. Renown for his ability to distinguish one driver’s style characteristics from another, Peter analyses practice results based on what he sees from various corners – and very often his predictions prove to be correct.


The Monaco Experience

Peter’s Monaco weekend begins with a quick walk to the hotel, a look back at the 1969 Monaco GP, when the cars’ aerofoil wings were banned overnight – literally between Friday and Saturday practice – and a glance ahead to what we might expect this weekend.


In The Monaco Paddock

Peter then headed to the paddock to take a look at how the drivers’ styles differ at Rascasse, the exact spot where he will be spending this weekend in Monaco. He’s impressed with many including Kevin Magnussen, however, Peter has made a worrying prediction for the Dane this weekend in Monaco.

Peter also touches on the passing of Formula One legend Niki Lauda. The three-time Formula One champion passed peacefully on Monday. Niki was much highly respected by all in F1 and will be sorely missed this weekend in the Monaco Paddock.


Tyre tactics

The mystery with Ferrari deepens as they seem to be unable to utilise their Pirelli tyres as well as their rivals. On a track where overtaking is uncommon can Mercedes capitalise by using a better strategy to be able to maximise the ability of their tyres?


Reminiscing about past victories. 

Ferrari have struggled for form this season and this has been the case at Monaco. Their qualifying performance has highlighted how far they are behind their rivals, but Monaco has fonder memories for them.


Ferrari Slip

Peter reports from the Monaco Paddock to discuss how qualifying unfolded.


Race Day

It’s Raceday and Peter’s heading to the track, he can’t help but think what could have been for Daniel Ricciardo if he was driving better machinery.


Race Round-Up

After an amazing tactical Race, we catch up with Peter Windsor as he leaves the Monaco Paddock for a quick race round-up.

Odds are correct at the time of posting

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