Head of La Liga, Javier Tebas, has some pressing issues to put to bed before the start of another season.

Having always prided himself on the standard of the product, the Spanish top flight is in danger of being tarnished on the world stage, precisely at the time when Tebas wants to extend La Liga’s reach.


US Plans

It wasn’t too long ago when plans for a first-ever game outside of Spain were put into motion.

Had it gone ahead, it would’ve meant Barcelona playing neighbours Girona in Miami. But as it turned out, the Spanish Players’ Union rejected Tebas’ plan of cracking the US market, much to his chagrin.

Girona are now pushing hard for reinstatement to the league in a developing situation which puts Tebas at the centre of another storm.


Match Fixing Allegations

The Catalans were relegated at the end of last season, but because of the alleged match fixing that’s supposed to have taken place in Real Valladolid’s final game of the 2018/19 campaign, they believe an extended stay in La Liga is their right.

La Liga

If proven, and there are audio tapes which have surfaced that appear to be damning to La Pucela, then Valladolid will be docked six points. Having only finished four points behind them, Girona will then insist that there’s a very good case for their reinstatement.

Huesca are also alleged to be involved in such grubby dealings, and the fall-out from this has hugely damaged La Liga’s credibility and popularity.

If he doesn’t deal with the matter swiftly and appropriately, we could yet see Tebas fall on his sword, and there’ll be no tears in certain quarters should that happen, make no mistake.


Further Issues For La Liga

The news on Tuesday that La Liga were also being fined €250,000 for spying on the phones of users of their official mobile app might well give him sleepless nights too.

There’s no suggestion that Tebas was implicitly involved, but as the head of the organisation, it’s hard to believe he knew nothing whatsoever about it.

Particularly given that La Liga openly admitted in a June 2018 statement that the feature had been implemented with the specific intention of tracking down illicit streaming of their product via Android phones.

The fine was handed down by the Spanish Data Protection Agency after they ruled that La Liga broke several EU laws about transparency and consent.

All in all, not a great few days for Tebas, whose card has been well and truly marked ahead of next season’s fixtures being released.

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