As we get ready for the Grand National 2019, we’ve looked at every runner of the past 50 years and tracked their exact finishing place on the track.

That’s 1943 runners, 707 finishers, 66 favourites, 51 winners and one Red Rum, all on a single course. You can view this data in many ways such as; by winning number, winning colours, the age of the horse, the favourites, winning jockeys, and even the trainers!

In the last 50 years, Number 6 has produced more than twice as many victories as any other number. The lucky colour appears to be green also.

Click the link below to be taken to our fully interactive data visualisation tool and let us inform you so that you can make your best bet!

50 years of The Grand National


Check out our guide to the Grand National course, including how many fences and what their names are!

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