We have travelled here to the Isle of Man to document the return of the legendary John McGuinness after two years away with injury. As our Brand Ambassador, we have been with him for this journey and now as he prepares to return to the Isle of Man TT, where he made his name, we will be with him every step of the way.

The notion of a documentary regarding the Isle of Man TT is an alluring one. An annual festival of speed that helps to stimulate tourism on an island 221 square miles in size.

The population of 84,000 will welcome an additional 40,000 people across the two weeks of the Isle of Man TT festival.

As I write this we are sat at home preparing for a day getting to know which of the many unique aspects, not only of the race but the festival as a whole.

Sounds quite charming right? Well, let me tell you how our first day went…

The Beginning

Let us start at the very beginning, we met at for breakfast to ensure that we had everything covered one last time before we set off for the airport. We order a few coffees to help wake us up before our taxi arrived.

We decided to sit outside, mistake number one. Almost as soon as we had placed our order and the waiter had left, a bird decided to have some target practice with us, duly hitting the target. A direct hit on one of our hands and with enough volume to also ruin a pair of trousers as the day had just begun.

But the story of breakfast does not end there. Our coffees had arrived, rather than wait for our colleague to return from cleaning himself up after the bird barrage, we decided to tuck into a nice pick me up coffee. Then came what we refer to as the crunchy milk incident. Having taken that much needed first sip of caffeine goodness, we were then met by the sudden exclamation and spitting from another colleague. So we immediately question what has happened, before being told that a moth had been in his coffee, if only this were true.

Upon looking at what had been inside the coffee it was here we realised that this was no moth, but rather a cockroach.

Disgusting right! Now before you say anything about this, you may judge us for this next sentence. We still ate the breakfasts when they arrived. We were starving.

An eventful day right. Well, we had only just begun.

What Could Go Wrong…

Having carefully packed we were still overweight for our items of luggage, so we paid the additional to cover this and as an impulse one of us also decided to put their hand luggage in the hold. Can you guess where this is going?

Correct, upon arriving in the Isle of Man we were the saps sat there waiting for luggage that was inevitably not going to come twirling around the baggage reclaim carousel.

So we were here but without most of our cameras. Nightmare.

But wait there’s more!

Having accepted we would have to wait a day for our luggage we console ourselves by saying to one another that we will just get our rental car and head to the house we have rented. Again, I think you can guess what will happen.

Yep, no car. So our rental, via a third party, had been cancelled and we had not been informed. Brilliant.

So our first day didn’t exactly go to plan but never mind, we still plough on and as day two begins with rain we set out to try and secure a car and hope our bags arrive.

Wish us well…

See what happened on day two of our shoot.

Odds are correct at the time of posting

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