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With the second London NFL game of the year upon us, Liz Bhandari from NFLGirlUK is back to preview the Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars may be two struggling teams, but oftentimes those matchups could result in gutsy play calls with players leaving it all out on the floor to change their fortunes. Hopefully, we get some exciting action here, so let’s take a deeper look into this game and see what we are getting ourselves into!

Neither of these teams really seem to know what they are doing right now. One more than the other. The Miami Dolphins were just smashed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend and saw their second-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett go down with an injury. While he didn’t suffer anything serious it really makes you wonder what quarterback we will be seeing for this matchup with Tua Tagovailoa still sidelined with a rib injury.

Their run game hasn’t worked whatsoever, and I don’t know what is going on with their defense, but they can’t stop anybody. They came into the year with so much potential and yet they look like one of the worst teams in the league with very few bright spots right now outside of their head coach, Brian Flores.

On the other hand, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t much better themselves. There is some trouble brewing regarding Urban Meyer and the rest of the team, and that break seems to be soaking into his relationship with Trevor Lawrence. Meyer said that Lawrence doesn’t feel comfortable running a quarterback sneak play after their loss to the Tennessee Titans, a comment that Lawrence quickly refuted and said that he is always ready for those play calls.

Lawrence has improved a lot in recent weeks and a lot of that can be credited to the Jaguars finally starting to commit to the run game. James Robinson is seriously a three-down workhorse-style running back and is their best chance of winning games. When they feed him the football and let him work, it gets tons of pressure off of Lawrence, letting him settle in quicker.

Unfortunately, Jacksonville’s defense is equally as bad as the Dolphins this year. If I were to have even a little bit of faith in either of these teams’ offenses, then I might just say that this game could be a shootout. However, I feel like their struggles will end up having this game be incredibly low scoring with neither team really getting a big lead over the other.

There are a couple of predictions to make in this London game that could end up helping you out down the line. The first is that Robinson will run for over 100 yards. I have had serious doubts about the Jaguars’ commitment to the run game but with an equally bad opponent here, he could get serious work throughout the course of the game. Look at the volume he has gotten the last two weeks, they are slowly ramping him up and he will deliver against a Miami defense that has been awful when defending the run.

I would also say that Myles Gaskin, the Dolphins’ “primary” running back, will have less than ten total touches. He is randomly falling out of his starting running back spot and really only has about seven touches in the past two games. While I would stay away from betting on two inconsistent teams, I do believe that Jacksonville could get their first win of the season here.


James Robinson to rush for over 72 yards – 5/6

James Robinson over 0.5 rushing touchdowns – 13/10

Jacksonville Jaguars to win – 5/4

Odds are correct at the time of posting

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