The NFL has just had week 10 and as the cold nights close in we are not far away from Thanksgiving.

Here we look at what the situation is for the teams in the NFL.

Who is playoff bound and who is looking towards next season already?

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AFC East

Most of us had predicted the Buffalo Bills to be winning this division easily. However, it has not been as easy as we all thought. The Miami Dolphins are currently sitting top of the division at 7-3 with both the Bills and Jets at 6-3 and the Patriots at 5-4.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have got a great offence with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle causing lots of problems for their opponents. They are struggling to keep a healthy defence but are still managing to win games.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have just lost two games in a row, to the Jets and the Vikings. However, they are still a formidable team, and you would expect them to figure it out. Josh Allen still looks great, and they will get back to winning form sooner rather than later.

New York Jets

The biggest surprise has been the New York Jets. A team who has struggled for years has found themselves with a good young defence and a strong run game. Losing Breece Hall is a massive blow to them, but they are keeping things tight and winning games.

New England Patriots

Finally, the New England Patriots are also capable of causing a few upsets and winning games. They have got their run game going and will be tough opponents for anyone. However, they look to be the weakest in the division and therefore playoffs might be a step to far.

Buffalo Bills to win the AFC East

This division is becoming very tough to predict. The Dolphins offence is looking good, and the Jets defence is very solid. However, the Bills have a great offence and a solid defence, and they should win the division.

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AFC North

Before the season a lot of people expected the Cincinnati Bengals to continue their good form that took them to the Superbowl last year. However, they have struggled a bit and don’t look as dominant as they did before.

Baltimore Ravens

Currently the Baltimore Ravens are sitting top of the division at 6-3 despite suffering some major injuries. They have not seen much of their two main running backs as JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards have been dealing with long term injuries. However, Lamar Jackson has looked great, and their defence has kept them in games at times.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are still looking like a quality team but don’t seem to have the explosiveness of last year. Losing Jamarr Chase for as long as they have is a massive loss and they should get him back in a few weeks’ time. With him back the offence should look stronger, and you would expect them to improve from their 5-4 record.

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers are sitting at 3-6 and both have had a rough season so far. The Browns have been poor on defence which was unexpected and have struggled on offence with them waiting for Deshaun Watson to come back in week 11.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have also struggled on defence due to losing TJ Watt for so long. He came back last week but its too late to make much difference. Also, rookie QB Kenny Pickett has struggled with a weak o-line not helping him.

Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC North


With the Steelers and Browns out of contention this division is the two team race we thought it would be. The Bengals will be better with Chase back, but the Ravens are looking strong, and you would expect them to take the division now.

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AFC South

The AFC South has not been the most exciting division this year but that isn’t much of a surprise. The one surprise that has happened is the complete disfunction that has been happening in Indianapolis. Many analysts felt the Colts were in position to push on but are sitting at 4-5-1.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have fired Frank Reich and have changed around their QB in order to get something going. Also, losing stud running back Jonathan Taylor for a few games this season has not helped. The team to capitalise on the Colts woes are the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee Titans

Currently sitting at 6-3, the Titans are running the ball well and look to have the division sewn up. They will keep riding Derek Henry to wins and although not exciting they look strong in this week division.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at 3-7 and the Texans are at 1-7-1. Both teams have struggled although the Jaguars do look like they have some good pieces for the future.

Houston Texans

The Texans have looked awful all year and should be favourites to have the number one pick in next year’s draft.

Tennessee Titans to win the AFC South


The Titans have put themselves in position to win this division easily now. The Colts might make a late charge but its likely to be too little to late. Expect them to make the playoffs easily but not do much when they get there.

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AFC West

The AFC West was the most hotly anticipated divisions at the start of the season. Lots of people were expecting fireworks from all four teams and it just hasn’t happened.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are looking strong despite the loss of Tyreek Hill before the season. They top the division at 7-2 and it would be surprising if they didn’t keep it going. They have so many weapons its near impossible for teams to stop them.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are sitting second at 5-4 and have had a tough time with injuries. Losing Keenen Allen and Mike Williams for most of the season is a massive loss on the offence and so they normally win one then lose one. Despite that they are playoff contenders and if they can get healthy will be a good team in the second half of the season.

Denver Broncos

Denver have struggled massively on the offence and Russell Wilson does not look like his old self. The offence has been very poor and its not looking likely to change. Their defence is one of the best in the league but with this poor offence they won’t be close to the playoffs.

Las Vegas Raiders

Finally, the Las Vegas Raiders have also been poor this season. Currently sitting at 2-7 they just can’t get a win. Losing Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow to injuries has been tough for them but even with them they wouldn’t be much better off.

Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs are doing everything right and its hard to imagine they won’t win this division. The Chargers could do well and push them if they can get healthy, but this is now the Chiefs to lose, and they look solid to win the AFC Conference outright.

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NFC East

The NFC East has been a bit of a surprise for all of us this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a great start to the season and look to be the favourites to win the NFC. Jalen Hurts has progressed well and with star receiver AJ Brown taking to life in Philadelphia they look good to win this division.

New York Giants

However, the Eagles are not having everything their own way in the East. The New York Giants are surprisingly sitting at 7-2. Saquon Barkley is back fit and is showing why he was picked by the Giants number 2 overall. The defence has also been great, and they are keeping them in games as well.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are having a good year as well as they stand at 6-3. They have got a good chance of reaching the playoffs as the NFC looks weak this year. Tony Pollard has been a standout player for them this year and if the team can keep healthy, they should make it.

Washington Commanders

Finally, the Washington Commanders are bottom of the division. They have had a similar start to this season as they did last season, but the other teams have got better. They will continue playing alright but won’t get to the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC East


The Eagles, Giants and Cowboys are all within a chance of taking this division. However, the Eagles are looking very strong now, and it would be surprising if they don’t win this division.

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NFC North

The NFC North is looking a little different this year to the previous few. The Green Bay Packers have won this division the last three years in a row, but it looks like change is coming.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings stands at 8-1 and look a dead cert for the NFC North title now. They have received criticism for not beating anyone that great, but they showed how capable they are by beating the Buffalo Bills in week 9. Justin Jefferson is looking like a potential MVP candidate this year.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has struggled this year and making the playoffs is far from a guarantee. Four-time MVP, Aaron Rodgers has had a down year and the rookie receivers are taking time to bed in. Also, with quite a lot of injuries the rest of this season will be tough for them.

Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions

After that things are a little more conventional with the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions struggling. The Bears have shown some promise in the last few weeks now that Justin Fields is running the ball more. Also, the Lions have been an exciting offence but one of the worst defences in the league. Both are unlikely to make the playoffs and need to build on this season for the future.

Minnesota Vikings to win the NFC North

The Vikings should win this division easily now. They look to have a strong offence and a decent defence. They have the same record as the Eagles and now look to be the team that take the NFC Conference title.

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NFC South

Most people thought that the Bucs would win this division easily this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

However, it has not be smooth sailing for Tom Brady and the rest of the team. They are currently top of the division but at 5-5 its not all done and dusted yet.

Atlanta Falcons

The main reason the Bucs are top at 5-5 is due to how poor the other teams have been. The Atlanta Falcons are just behind them on 4-6. They don’t look that great but with running back Cordarrelle Patterson back from injury they will always have a chance.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are next at 3-7 and have struggled this season mainly due to injuries. Jameis Winston has been in and out of the team with injury and so they have had to rely on Andy Dalton. Also, Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry have been missing for most of the season. I doubt they will make the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers

Finally, the Carolina Panthers are also at 3-7. They are another team who have suffered from injuries especially at QB. Not only that but they have changed their head coach and traded away their star running back Christian McCaffery to the 49ers. They have picked up since then, but playoffs are looking unlikely.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the NFC South


The Bucs should be winning this division and are starting to improve slowly. A win over in Munich in week 10 will be a confidence booster to them and we should expect them to kick on now. Also, you can never count Tom Brady out of anything!

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NFC West

The NFC West has been one of the most exciting divisions over the last few years but not so much this season. Defending Superbowl champions, the LA Rams are finding it hard to get back to the main game and some surprises are looking likely.

Seattle Seahawks

Currently the Seattle Seahawks are top of the division at 6-4. When franchise QB Russell Wilson left for Denver pretty much everyone thought it was a rebuild year. However, Geno Smith has taken the gig and with rookie running back Kenneth Walker the Seahawks haven’t looked back.

San Francisco 49ers

They are not going to get this division all their own way though as the 49ers are 5-4. Its looking good in San Francisco especially with newly acquired running back Christian McCaffery. They may have lost Trey Lance early in the season, but they have so many weapons and a great defence to genuinely challenge.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals was hoping for more this season than what they have got so far. Sitting at 4-6 and third in the division is a bit different to last years fast start. DeAndre Hopkins is now back from his ban and with James Conner fit again they are hoping to finish of the season well.

Los Angeles Rams

Finally, we have got the defending Superbowl winners, the LA Rams. The Rams are 3-6 and it will be an uphill task to get into the playoffs, let alone win the whole thing. They have just lost Cooper Kupp to injury, and they can’t afford to lose anyone else now.

San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC West


The Seahawks may be top of the division currently, but the 49ers look to be the ones to beat now. They have a steady QB in Jimmy Garoppolo and some explosive offensive weapons in Deebo Samuel, Christian McCaffery and George Kittle. With that top ten defence as well, they are genuine Superbowl contenders.

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