Almost a year has gone by since the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots to win Superbowl LII in Minneapolis. It was an underdog story that the team thrived on and used to guide themselves to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy. That was Philadelphia’s first ever Superbowl victory in franchise history.

The team they beat knows all about winning the Superbowl and by returning for the third year straight they continue to set records.

This will be Tom Brady’s ninth Superbowl appearance, all of which have been with New England, this is more appearances than most NFL franchises. He has won five of his eight appearances – the most titles ever won by a player. Many consider him to be the GOAT, I won’t lie I have always been a bit undecided on this as I am from the camp that believe number of titles doesn’t equate to superiority.

The reason I have always tended to mark Brady down a touch is because his coach just happens to be Bill Belichick. The greatest mind that football has possibly ever seen. This will also be a record breaking Superbowl for Belichick as this will be his twelfth as a coach. Across the field this time around he will encounter Sean McVay, reigning Coach of the Year who has masterminded a severe upturn in LA.


Many people have thoughts on whether Brady would walk away from the game should he earn an unprecedented sixth winners ring and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame him. This has been a hard season for the Patriots. There was a lot of rumours regarding unrest in the organisation when the season had not even begun. They even started the season without his trusted wide receiver Julian Edelman who served a four game suspension to begin the season.

Many will pitch this as the old guard against the new wave, in a similar vein to the AFC Conference Championship game. There is no doubting that the game is evolving and the new style of quarterbacks are offering a whole different offensive playbook. But it is a testament to Brady that he is still at the top of his game and yet again finds himself in the biggest game in Football.

Playing the name is half of the battle it seems.

That doesn’t seem to phase Jared Goff on the other hand who has created his own bit of history by making it to Atlanta this year. This is the shortest timeframe from being drafted number one overall to appearing in a Superbowl.

Around him he has an absolute raft of talent. One of the best defenses in the league with possibly the best defensive player in the NFL, well Aaron Donald is the defending Defensive Player of the Year. It is he who I think has shown an outstanding ability to get at the Quarterback and cause issues – no matter how many people cover him. Well he does train using knives to help hone his talents. Not something I would recommend though.


It has been pretty much an exclusively Quarterback club when it comes to the Superbowl MVP, but I think Donald is dominant enough to follow in Von Miller’s footsteps and impact the game enough to write his name into the history books.

It still remains to be seen what Todd Gurley turns up as he has not been the explosive and dominant player who tore through defenses in recent weeks. The LA running back racked up 21 touchdowns in the regular season and provides an excellent outlet to help the Rams keep moving the chains. CJ Anderson has filled in incredibly well and has helped LA maintain a run game which has formed such a key part of their playbook. Trick plays and elaborate play calling have been A Sean McVay staple which has propeeled him to the very top.

So much so any coach who has a link to McVay has been linked with every available job this post season.

Much has been made of the Pass Interference call made in the NFC Conference Championship game which would have essentially handed the Rams a defeat in that game, but looking at the players I’m not entirely sure they care about it. After all they are the ones playing on Sunday night in Atlanta.  But it will be interesting to see what the result is as if LA walk it then Saints fans will be

Either way I think this will be a great Superbowl. History will be made regardless of what happens but the way in whcih LA have compiled their squads in free agency and in trades there will be a lot of players on other teams hoping they triumph. A Rams win could be seen as a win for the league but a Patriots win would mean that even at their weakest in recent memory they are still the top dogs in the NFL

With all of this in mind I have chosen a selection of scenarios that I can see happening in Superbowl LIII and some that are a little left field but could bring some much sought after value.

LA Rams to win

Rams to score a Defensive / Special Teams touchdown

Jared Goff to score a touchdown

Sony Michel to score New England’s last touchdown

Both teams to score in the first quarter

LA Rams to score every quarter

New England Patriots to score very quarter

The second quarter to be the highest scoring quarter of the match

Aaron Donald to be the Superbowl LIII MVP

A successful 2-pt conversion to be made


Odds are correct at the time of posting

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