Who would have thought that as we headed into this season that we would be talking about records tumbling. Maybe a few would go but it seems that every week a new one is set. As we head into week nine could we see the standards set high enough for them to last in the years to come.

This unparalleled level of record breaking means that every game has a new dimension added to it. Whilst some teams may all but have ensured they will be playing playoff football this season a few more dramatic twist are waiting around the corner. However, added gloss can be added by creating history as you do so. With this in mind lets have a look at some of the key games ahead of us.

Lions @ Vikings

Having been downed last week by the Saints in a rematch of the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ game from last season the Vikings will know that a win here is imperative. The NFC North is the closest division in all of the NFL and this match will be crucial in deciding who will be playing in the post season. Kirk Cousins was brough in for matches like this, to take over the division so often referred to as the Aaron Rodgers division. With the Bears facing an easy game the Vikings will need to pick up a divisional win here to maintain the pressure.

It helps though to have someone playing a well as Adam Thielen. Eight games played this season, and in every one he has had over 100 receiving yards. This is an NFL record, but I can see him doing it all over again this weekend to set the bar even further. Unsurprisingly he leads the NFL in receiving yards and can edge nearer to that 1000 yard mark.

It looks likely that Stefon Diggs will miss out so I can see Cousins targeting his Tight End Kyle Rudolph more in this match. A man he described as throwing at a mattress. I think he meant it as a compliment.

The Lions have had some impressive wins this season but in Matt Patricia’s first season in charge I think that he still has work to do to bring his side into the conversation for the division. But you can see what he is trying to build and I think that they can realistically think about an outside chance at the playoffs. However, they need to pick up some wins quickly if they are to do so. They tend to favour home games and I think that this might have been a different game had it been in Detroit

Kyle Rudolph to score a touchdown

Matt Stafford and Kirk Cousins to each throw over 1.5 passing touchdowns

Adam Thielen and Marvin Jones Jr to score a receiving touchdown each

Rams @ Saints

The old adage is about an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. However what happens when you have two unstoppable forces?

Played eight, won eight for the Rams this season. They have been frightening to watch at times too as they have shown everything needed. They have blown teams away, held on for narrow victories and also orchestrated comebacks to seal wins. 

Proving to be a freak of nature is Todd Gurley, he was impressive last season but in this years team looks even better. He got 19 touchdowns last season, he has 15 in his eight games this season. He is on course to equal the single season record and is the epitome of the new style of Running Back who pose a dual threat. However the Saints are the number one ranked defense against the rush this season so he may not be as fruitful in this game.

The Rams are entering their hardest stretch of games now. They face Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints who are bang in form and looking every inch as impressive as the Rams. Brees is the all time leaading passing yards record holder, has beaten all 32 NFL teams and has over 500 Touchdown passes. He has achieved all of these feats this season. They head to mexico to face the Chiefs in a few weeks which many view as a Superbowl preview. We will understand who the Rams are even more once the game is over and this stern test could show us if they are the team to end the 1972 Dolphins reign as the last unbeaten season.

I think that you should underestimate Drew Brees at your peril as he has proven throughout his career. The Packers could and probably shoul;d have beaten the Rams last week but I think Brees will go one better and end the run here.

New Orleans Saints to win

Brandin Cooks to score a touchdown

Todd Gurley or Alvin Kamara to score the first touchdown

Chiefs @ Browns

The hottest arm in the game faces the hottest mess in the game. It seems a long time agao that the Browns were the talk of the town as they racked up a couple of good wins and a surprise draw against the Steelers. However they are in trouble at the moment having just fired their Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator ahead of the Chiefs visit.

I’ll keep this one brief as not much really needs to be said. The Chiefs will win, anything else would really be the biggest story of the season no matter what happens between now and February.

The Chiefs should run out comfortable winner but have shown that they can take their foot off the gas once the game is won so Baker Mayfield may get a chance to open up their defence a few times. His main outlet will be Jarvis Landry who is having a stellar year despite the turmoil at the Browns.

Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill both to have over 79.5 receiving yards

Jarvis Landry to score a touchdown

Bears @ Bills

You have to feel sorry for Buffalo. They drafted Josh Allen to be their franchise Quarterback, didn’t play him for the first couple of games where they were crushed. He then plays out of his skin as they upset the Vikings in Minneapolis. Since then he has picked up an injury which is keeping him out and they are struggling to find any rhythm as a result of the changes. They head into this expected to lose heavily once again.

The BEars are the surprise package of the season, all sparked by their amazing capture of star defensive player Khalil Mack from Oakland.  This has seen an upturn in their fortunes and QB Mitch Trubisky has been putting up numbers to show that he can compete amongst the top guns in the NFL. They lead the NFC North and will need to ensure that they can maintain their push by picking up wins in games like these. As they will soon be facing their divisional rivals once more knowing that they are the team to catch.

Jordan Howard to score a touchdown

Mitch Trubisky over 3.5 passing touchdowns

Chargers @ Seahawks

Two teams who not very many people expected to be in as comfortable place as they are. However I can’t see past the Chargers who have gone under the radar due to them being in the same division as the Chiefs who have been electric to watch. In fact the only losses they have had this season are against the Chiefs and Rams who if they keep up their form will be the Superbowl teams.

As for the Seahawks they too have a divisional rival taking all the headlines, this time the Rams. Russell Wilson is again the torch bearer for the Seahawks and is still in need of some support from his teammates. This is why I see the Chargers, who have a deceptively loaded roster, leaving with the W. However this should be a deceptively enjoyable game as both teams look to increase their playoff hopes.

Tyrell Williams to score a touchdown

LA Chargers to score in every quarter


Odds are correct at the time of posting

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